What Should Be Your First Post On Instagram

What Should Be Your First Post On Instagram

What should be your first post on Instagram? Read the specific article below to get some more suggestions worth paying attention to. Dig into it now!

With a new Instagram account, do you have an idea for the first status on your account? This issue is a question with many new accounts.

They wonder about the first activities and worry that they will affect the growth of the account. So, what should be your first post on Instagram

I will analyze this issue in detail through the article below. 

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Your personal styles

The first post is important to get the attention of other users of your account.

When starting with a new account, you need to choose the first photo to status carefully to make an impression. Through eye-catching, realistic images, people will pay more attention to you. This way, you can quickly gain followers and likes.

A photo of you with friends will be the perfect idea for attracting the attention of users. That action makes your account more authentic and professional.

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1/ A Photo of You

Posting a profile picture is a great initiative for publishing your first post. The photo clearly shows your face so that people can identify and know about you. 

You also don’t have to overdo your image. It is a picture of your face with your beauty, and it is not necessary to photoshop to become a different face.

Besides, the photo’s content is also extremely important for attracting people. 

Create fresh, personalized content to impress users. However, you need to consider the length of the status. If it is too long, it will be boring for the reader.

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2/ A Photo of You With An Important Person

You can also post photos with important people for your first one. This way, people will have a chance to discover your social circle. Posting that image will also help your important followers start paying more attention to you.

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Your Vivid Life

To be successful in attracting followers and interest, you need to take extra care of your photos. Uploaded photos need to be sharp and clear with your face and that important person.

3/ A Photo That Speaks Your Theme

If you want to grow your blogging passion, focus on brainstorming and deciding on a theme for your account’s growth.

You can choose from themes of life, love, food, or travel. By building your music for your page, you will quickly attract the attention of other users.

Please note that the first status must sync with the selected topic. That way, new people quickly know and follow your page more.

If the status is not related to the issue you are aiming for, your Instagram account will surely not be able to make a point and may fail.

4/ A Photo That Represents Your Vivid Life

Most of today’s users like to follow a colorful life with many unique ideas. Uploading a new book, movie, or song can help your account quickly attract the attention of other users. 

Along with that, you can create additional content to go with those books, movies, or songs so that viewers can more easily visualize the message and meaning of the status.

What Should Be Your First Post On Instagram As A Business?

As a business, it will be more important for the first status to capture the user’s interest. So what should be done to the account to promote the brand? 

The following article will help you understand this issue better.

1/ Brand Introduction

Introducing your brand or product can be the first status that helps your business get the attention of many people. 

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Brand Introduction

You can post your brand logo, product features, or business slogan in terms of content. Based on your first status, people will have a general idea of ​​your brand or product. 

Meanwhile, so that customers can better understand the product, you can also choose a visual display of your brand.

2/ Customer Feedback and Comments

You can include customer comments or feedback on your brand or product for your first Instagram status. 

That way, people will be inspired to care and recognize your business brand. Note, the comments or feedback posted must be realistic to be effective in impressing users.

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3/ Cause Marketing

Sharing brand cause marketing on your business’ first Instagram post helps build a good social image of your brand, improving your brand’s impression share and market share. 

At the same time, it has an effective advertising effect for businesses. On the other hand, it also ensures the benefits of building brand culture and enhancing a sense of honor.

In general, posting content related to the brand cause for the first Instagram post helps to represent the value that the brand stands for.

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In the article, I have helped you answer the question: “What should be your first post on Instagram?” Hopefully, this information will help you find the right idea.

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