What Does Instagood Mean? Facts About Instagram Hashtags

What Does Instagood Mean? Facts About Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags are everywhere on social media. We can find millions of hashtags on Instagram, and a popular one is #instagood. What does instagood mean?

Gaining followers and likes are crucial for influencers and brands on Instagram.

One of the fundamental tricks to increase your discoverability on this platform is to add relevant hashtags or tags so that other users searching for keywords will see your content.

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Each hashtag has an interesting meaning behind it

This feature has resulted in an endless stream of new hashtags on Ins, some of which are predominantly popular, such as #instagood.

What does instagood mean? Here’s the answer!

What Does Instagood Mean?

#Instagood is one of the most popular tags on Ins used to increase likes and traffic to posts.

It doesn’t indicate something specific, yet it does a great job attracting likes, often from users who also look for likes. This hashtag usually comes with other tags under the posts.

People add #instagood only to their best posts, signifying the photos or videos that the users love and take pride in the most. But, indeed, many people use it for any photo.

Why? Perhaps it’s because people like all the pictures they take and feel that every pic deserves the hashtag.

Another reason is that this tag essentially originates from an Ins account (@instagood). This account uses the tag to boast the best images.

They also developed another account named @2instagood and encouraged users to add the new tag, #2instagood, to their posts.

What Are Other Popular Hashtags On Instagram?

While renowned tags keep changing because new trends and current events never stand still, some viral, perennial favorites are below.


Like #instagood, people often use #instamood for photos of sunsets, flowers, and animals. Also, if a picture you’ve taken expresses your mood right now, use this hashtag under the post.


People can use #instagramhub for almost any content. If you wish to reach a broader audience, this hashtag will help you attract attention.

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There are many popular hashtags on Ins.

Searching #instagramhub will lead you to tons of selfies, animals, art, travel photos, and inspirational quotes.


You’d better use this tag for a photo that reflects something you do every day, or you’re sharing this content daily.

Just share your daily routine, like telling people about your workout regime. This tag lets your audience know what activities you frequently do.


#igers may seem obscure at first glance, but it simply indicates ‘Instagrammers.’ Tag your picture with this tag; it means you are active on Instagram.

#igers has become popular thanks to its contribution to building a community.


This hashtag first went viral on Twitter, added to posts to express inspirational sayings for workers so that they start a working week with energy and enthusiasm.

The same meaning goes on Ins, yet it often appears with pictures of people exercising at home or going to the gym.


#throwbackthursday is a fantastic way to recall good memories in nostalgia. Post an old photo and add the tag (usually a selfie) to let people see how much you have changed.


#fmspad literally means Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day, a popular challenge started by a blog for overweight mommies.

Though it’s an old hashtag (since 2012), it is still popular among users who keep updating the latest challenge.


Best-Hashtag.com generated this tag, which calls for Best Hashtag For Your Post.

In particular, a website is a tool for getting more followers and likes on Ins. Would-be KOLs and brands have them as the last tag under their posts if they buy the service.


#iamtb calls for I Am Travel Blogging, which people use in exotic location snaps. You will be interested in following this as it’s an amazing way to travel all over the globe without leaving your bedroom.


Though this tag is exponentially growing, many people confuse its meaning, thinking that it indicates ‘iPhone amnesia’ or a photo you forget that you have taken.

Yet, its function is to build a community among Indonesians on social media.


This hashtag has several variations, which are all broadly popular. Adding them to your posts means you will like others’ photos to trade their likes for yours.

That’s a tedious process, but if you are desperate for comments and likes, it’s a suggested way to increase discoverability.


If you intend to use multiple hashtags for your Ins caption, remember to separate them from your actual caption. This way, it won’t look difficult and cluttered to read.

You now know ‘what does instagood mean?’ It’s time to use it for your best content. Thank you for following this post!

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