What Are Keywords On Instagram?

What Are Keywords On Instagram?

Instagram users currently tend to lean toward using keywords instead of hashtags when discussing marketing strategies. What are keywords on Instagram?

Instagram announced that they would roll out the platform’s keyword search. That means users no longer have to search through just hashtags and can search for posts using wider topic ranges.

Yet, what are keywords on Instagram? How to use them to improve your discoverability on the platform? We’ll answer these questions in today’s post.

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What Are Keywords On Instagram?

Keywords are what you enter in the search box when trying to learn or look for info related to that topic. 

If you type ‘Asian Christmas Markets,’ that’s a keyword since it’s a ‘search.’ If your post answers a ‘search,’ the app will likely populate or recommend your content to those searching for it.

In other words, keywords allow the app to sort out your content, making you more easily identified on this platform.

That’s why it’s extremely critical to be consistent and niche down your keywords.

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Are keywords important on Instagram?

This practice is part of a robust Instagram strategy, helping the app expose you to your target audience or ideal community.

Ins keyword search runs by allowing people to enter a word, such as ‘seafood restaurant inspiration,’ instead of the hashtag ‘#seafoodrestaurantinspiration.’

After that, search results will surface content related to seafood restaurant inspiration even when the content owners don’t add a tag to their posts.

There hasn’t been any source that exactly knows how the app detects what a short or picture focuses on without checking hashtags.

People know that Ins will rely on captions to show posts related to the keyword searches, yet many questions remain undiscovered.

For instance, does any machine or AI learning contribute to helping the algorithm identify what an image depicts? Or can the app’s algorithm recognize synonyms?

Some people claim that Ins utilizes machine learning to seek the best quality content relevant to a search. But there isn’t any opinion on whether this involves picture recognition.

How do you post on Instagram step by step?

Where Should You Use Keywords?

Knowing where to put the words speaking key content will help skyrocket your discoverability on Ins. Here are two locations to add your keyword to:

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Put your words in the right place.


In the past, the platform allowed users to search only vita profile names, usernames, location tags, and hashtags. However, changes have happened; people can now look for content using keywords.

In other words, writing descriptive, relevant captions using particular words representing your content can significantly impact your posts’ visibility.

While some words can originate from a bio, user name, and account’s name, they primarily originate from the captivating lines under your images.

So, what’s the takeaway? People will be more likely to see your posts on the result page and pay more attention to your content if you use descriptive, relevant keywords for your Ins captions.

Profile Name

One of the most broadly used methods to grow your audience and take advantage of Instagram search is optimizing and personalizing your profile.

If you intend to start boosting your identity with a specific word, it’s wise to integrate that word into your username or profile name, as both are easy to search on Ins.

Take the brand Mint Cosmetics, for example. Both their username and name contain the word ‘cosmetics.’

Add it to your name field if you find it hard to fit a specific word into the username.

That’s a clever way to increase the chance of showing up on the top of the result page if someone searches for a word that you target.

If you don’t know how to change your Ins username, watch this video:

How To Use The Right Keywords?

The app specifically suggests incorporating relevant words into post captions to increase your discoverability.

With a short click on the keyway result page (the magnifying glass icon), you’ll receive tons of content and shorts to browse.

A keyword result page is basically an Explore page related to that specific word. Noting this Tags tab will allow you to explore the most trending hashtags for a keyword.

It’s also advisable to take advantage of analytics tools to get more insight.

We utilize Google Analytics to check which words draw traffic to our website. These words are potential candidates you can consider adding to your captions.

What Does Instagood Mean?


Keywords on Instagram matter for sure. Learning to use them wisely is a fantastic way to promote your image and draw more new eyes.

After figuring out, ‘what are keywords on Instagram?’ you’re probably thinking about what keyword to add to the next post’s captions, right?

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