How to Use Instagram Stories

How to Use Instagram Stories

This article will bring you a detailed guide on how to use Instagram stories, one of the cool features of the platform. Are you interested in it? Let’s check it out!

Instagram was once a simple platform. Gone are the days of square images dominating. Nowadays, you can share videos, photos, boomerangs, time-lapses, stop-motion sequences, and live streams while using Instagram.

One of the changes being told took place in 2016, with the birth of Instagram Stories. It is one of the most exciting and popular features to this day.

So how to use Instagram stories? Let’s get into the details to explore!

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What Are Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories, also known as IG Stories or Insta Stories, is a feature that lets you post videos and photos that will disappear after one day (24 hours).

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Your content, posted via Instagram Stories, will not appear in the Instagram feed or standard profile content grid. They will appear in a bar at the top of the feed.

If you want to see someone’s Story, you need to tap on their profile picture. Then their story will appear on full screen.

How to Use Instagram Stories?

1/ Make Stories

Step 1: Open your app and tap the “+”  icon.

Step 2: Pick the “STORY” option from the menu at the bottom.

Step 3: Press the white circle to make a picture. Tap and hold this white circle to make a video.

Step 4: If you want to use your existing videos or photos, just swipe up. You can try exciting options like:

  • Layout
  • Boomerang
  • Hands-Free.
  • Multi-Capture Level.

2/ Check Your Story Views

If Insta Stories have not gone away, just tap your Stories icon on the app’s main page to see the viewer count. If your Stories are gone, here’s how:

Step 1: From the homepage, press the profile photo.

Step 2: Choose Insights.

Step 3: Choose the period

Step 4: Scroll down to the Content Shared and press on Stories.

Step 5: Pick your metric & time period.

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3/ Use Stories Highlights

Step 1: If your Story is less than twenty-four hours and still appears on Instagram, press Your Story to pop it up. 

If your Story is more than twenty-four hours old, you can get it from your archive. Press your profile icon, then choose the three lines icon. After that, select Archive and find the Story you desire to highlight.

Step 2: Press the highlight icon in the screen’s lower right corner.

Step 3: Pick your favorite highlight or make a new one.

4/ Add a Hashtag to Stories

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Method 1: Utilize the hashtag sticker (Press the sticker icon).

Method 2: Utilize the normal text function (Press the text icon) and utilize the # symbol.

5/ Use Stickers On Instagram Stories

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sticker for Story Instagram

Step 1: Make an Instagram Story following the above steps.

Step 2: Once the video or photo is ready to post, press the sticker option, which is the smiling square with a folded corner.

Step 3: Choose the sticker you like to use.

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6/ Add a Location to Stories

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Local for Stories

Step 1: Press the sticker icon.

Step 2: Choose the location sticker.

Step 3: Select your preferred location (It could be a street,  a store, or a city. Get as specific or broad as you want).

Step 4: Press and drag to adjust the sticker to complement the Story’s look.

7/ Use Stories Polls

Step 1: Create a Story. Once your video or photo is ready to post, press the sticker icon.

Step 2: Pick the Poll sticker.

Step 3: Type your question

Step 4: Type two responses or use the “Yes/No.”

Step 5: Let the poll show up for 24 hours.

8/ Use Stories Questions

Step 1:  Create a Story. Once your video or photo is ready to go, press the sticker icon.

Step 2: Pick the Questions sticker.

Step 3: Adjust the text of your question prompt.

Step 4: Press “Done.”

9/ Add Captions to Stories

Step 1: Begin making your Story.

Step 2: Press the sticker icon once your video or image is ready to post.

Step 3: This platform should automatically caption. Just tap the text and edit any word.

Step 4: Change the caption color and font using the tools you will see at the top and bottom.

Step 5: Tap the “Done: button if you’re satisfied with everything.

Step 6: You can resize or relocate the caption by pinching and dragging it as you do with the sticker.

10/ Add Links to Stories

Step 1: Create a Story. Once your video or photo is ready to go, press the link icon.

Step 2: Paste the link you want to add.

Step 3: Tap the green check or the Done button (depending on the kind of phone).

The Bottom line

You have got a detailed guide on how to use Instagram stories. Now is the time to make interesting Instagram Stories your own way. Let’s try right now!