How To Update Your Instagram App? 3 Common Methods To Follow

How To Update Your Instagram App? 3 Common Methods To Follow

How to update your Instagram app? Here are the perfect ways for you to easily follow and implement successfully. Click it on for more details!

Instagram or any software will always change every day to better suit and meet users’ needs. At the same time, it also helps you use the platform more smoothly and avoids unexpected errors.

This article will show you the fastest methods on how to update your Instagram app for each different operating system. Let’s read on to discover!

A Detailed Guide On How To Update Your Instagram App

Instagram is more suitable for mobile devices such as phones or tablets. It is less effective, limiting the website’s functionality when you use a computer or laptop.

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3 common ways to follow

In this section, we will show three common methods people use to update apps with different operating systems.


Android is the operating system that is popular in most of the current mobile devices of Samsung or some brands. You need to do the following simple steps.

  • Search and open the CH Play in the applications on your phone
  • On the application’s Home screen, you press the’≡’in the top left corner position. It will show some features that you can choose from.
  • Search and open the “My apps & games” category. It will show a list of apps on your phone.
  • Scroll down, search for the app, and tap the name shown on the screen. 
  • After the installation interface opens, press the “Update” button and wait for the application to do the rest.

Please note that your phone space is enough space for the new update. If not, you need to clean up or increase the space of your phone.


Similar to Android, IOS is the standard operating system of devices from Apple.

  • Search and open the Appstore app in the list. list of applications on your phone
  • On the application’s home screen, click on ‘Update’ in the lower right corner. It will show a list of applications that need to do this.
  • Scroll down and search for the app, tap the ‘Update’ button next to it and wait for the app to do the rest.

Fresh the feed

Sometimes, the stuff you see on Insta isn’t new. Do not Refresh the message board. Therefore, you can do this to edit it.

  • Step 1: Search and open the app in the Menu.
  • Step 2: Click on the house icon in the lower-left corner of the Home page. 
  • Step 3: Swipe the screen from top to bottom to get new content.


1/ Why won’t my Instagram update to the new version?

There are many reasons why your software is not in the latest version. 

You haven’t updated or your device hasn’t automatically updated. The cause can also come from the phone capacity is not enough for the latest version.

The problem can also come from your phone being incompatible or not supporting this one. You need to do a check of each category that we have given. 

2/ What is the latest IG version?

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The latest version

The IG development team is improving daily. However, at this time, Instagram is the latest version, with a capacity of more than 40 MB. 

3/ Why does Instagram look different?

Instagram is an entertaining platform for everyone. It looks different due to visual improvements and brighter app icons. At the same time, the images, videos, stories, IGTV, and reels also increase the rich experience for users. 

4/ How do I update my Instagram app on my iPhone?

The steps that you perform for the application on iPhone are straightforward and described in the above section. However, we will summarize for you.

First, open the Appstore and the apps that need updating in the ‘Update’ section. 

You need to go to Instagram, select the button next to the app icon, and wait. 

The job is done, and you can try to open the platform to see if it is smooth and working correctly.


Instagram is a platform suitable for any individual or business. You can use it to build your brand, connect closer, and engage with your customers.

At the same time, keeping the software up to date is very important that we have covered in this article.

I hope you will be satisfied with the 3 ways to update your Instagram app above.

If you have any comments or questions, be sure to get in touch with us for a reply as soon as possible.