5 Pro Tips On How to Take Better Instagram

5 Pro Tips On How to Take Better Instagram

How to take better Instagram photos? Our article will be helpful to you if you are wondering about this question. So let’s read this article to get valuable information!

When Instagram came out in 2010, smartphone cameras were still limited in technology, so the photos taken at the time looked blurry and unflattering.

But the game has changed. Phone cameras are now good enough to give you great images, even comparable to professional cameras.

However, there are still some tips that will allow you to get better images to post on Instagram or any other social network.

So, without further ado, let’s find out how to take better Instagram photos.

How to Take Better Instagram Photos?

Here are some tips that will allow you to take better Instagram images. Just apply them from time to time, and you will see results soon.

1/ Understand Light

Light is one of the most critical factors in photography. Too much light or too little light is not ideal for taking good photos.

To get nice shots, you need to understand how much light affects the position you shoot. You also need to pay attention to where the sun comes in.

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Too much light will also make your images look bad.

The sun at dusk or dawn provides the softest light, while you’ll get harsh rays at noon. Planning your photography shouldn’t be so difficult if you know how lights and suns work in your space.

If you use a smartphone, it is essential to be patient by taking a few minutes to tweak the different focus areas. Thanks to that, you can see how shadow and light change. In addition, you can use a slider to customize the brightness.

2/ Add Layers to Make Interest

While minimalistic simple looks are en vogue in most cases, it is okay to switch up images by adding layers. You should mix different textures and have a foreground and background. 

You will still focus on a subject, but layers should add interest. In addition, they will guide other users to your subject.

Many smartphones feature portrait mode, which you can take advantage of to make some depth in the images. But if you have complex backgrounds, focusing on your subject and blurring the background is wise.

3/ Utilize Continuous Bursts for Action Shots

When attending an event and you want to take some photos, do not just snag a few photos. 

Instead, you need to take as many photos as you can because you will likely get pictures of someone in the middle of talking, with their eyes closed, or a combination of the two.

If you want to avoid this, setting up your shot with the expected light and composition is necessary. After that, you need to use continuous burst mode to take multiple images for a short time.

4/ Use the Rule of Thirds And  White Space

In the essential principles of photography, the rule of thirds is prevalent. 

It divides the frame into 3 horizontal lines that are equally spaced and 3 vertical lines that are equally spaced too.

So, you will have a nine-part grid. The intersection of the lines lets you place the objects that you need to be in focus.

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The rule of thirds.

For some images, you would probably prefer to isolate your subject. So, in this case, joining the rule of thirds in combination with white space will allow you to make a great result.

The camera of your phone may feature these gridlines. Therefore, it will be available while taking the shot. Thanks to these overlaid, you can easily place your subject in the right place.

5/ Mix up Angles

If you want to get the perfect interior shot or overhead shot, matching the gridlines up is necessary for your photo elements to become parallel. It means the walls or tables would be parallel in the image to your camera’s gridlines.

Before snagging a shot, you should step back before examining it from many different angles. 

Sometimes, the straight-on shot is not the most interesting. If you want to try new angles, ensure you will make it deliberately not parallel to your gridlines. 


You have reached the bottom of our article. Hopefully, the information above will help you get great Instagram images. Thank you for stopping by!