How to Roleplay on Instagram? Read on to Get the Correct Answer!

How to Roleplay on Instagram? Read on to Get the Correct Answer!

How to roleplay on Instagram? If you are interested in this topic, this article is for you. So let’s read to the end of this article to get the correct answer!

It is no surprise that people are always trying to express themselves. Some play music, write poetry, and others try to express themselves via role play.

Instagram has become the perfect and easy solution for every user to express themselves through roleplaying. It is an excellent pick for specific users who feel uncomfortable dressing up to expose their alternate side in public.

So how to roleplay on Instagram? Let’s find out!

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How to Roleplay on Instagram?

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Roleplay on Instagram.

Here are the simplest ways that allow you to roleplay on Instagram!

Creating a Character

Step 1: Choose A Character

Choose a character you like and want to roleplay as. It can come from comic books, movies or shows, and video games. If you want to use ready-made characters, doing various research is essential before beginning.

The character you choose doesn’t have to be human. Roleplaying allows you to pick whatever you want. You can even choose the animal or monster.

Step 2: Make a Character

In addition to using ready-made characters, you can create your character.

For example, if you want to be an archer named Kate Bishop, you can turn that idea into your character. Hy begins by answering questions like “What would its name be?” or “What do you want it to be?”

You can sketch your character with paper and pen. Draw everything that comes to your mind. This is your chance to show your creativity. Therefore, let your imagination run wild!

Step 3: Gain a Wardrobe for Your Character

Some users don’t dress up as their favorite characters. Meanwhile, other users want to enjoy the process of dressing up. So while you are planning, you should think about outfits that are possible to wear for your character.

Once you have an idea of the outfits you will wear for your character, it’s time to go out and find them. A thrift store or second-hand clothing store has various clothes that might meet your needs.

For example, it is not necessary to dress up like a dragon. Instead, you can utilize a series of illustrations you have made of the dragon.

Step 4: Considering Your Goals

During the planning phase, you should be realistic about what you want to achieve. Unfortunately, many users do not have a plan when roleplaying. Yet, they do it because they want to enjoy it.

On the other hand, some users set their goals before roleplaying. For instance, they want to make phony politician accounts to campaign for gun control.

Step 5: Create a Character’s Personality

If you pick a pre-made character, it’s wise to spend some time researching everything related to it. Thanks to that, it becomes easier to roleplay it. If you create a character, you should practice being this character before going online.

Setting Up An Account 

Step 1: Download the App to Your Device.

It is easy to roleplay if you own a smartphone. It allows you to create posts wherever you are.

Go to the play store or app store and search for the Instagram app. Make sure your device is connected to WiFi to download apps easily.

Step 2: Make a New Account

It is possible to make your new account with your Facebook or email account. However, if you want to keep your roleplaying account secret, you won’t want to use your personal Facebook account to sign up.

Step 3: Set Username

You need to make sure that your username should represent the character name of your choice. 

Instagram’s popularity can make it harder to choose the correct name for your character. So, finding a catchy name that represents your character is best.

Step 4: Upload an Image for Your Character

You should choose a profile picture that is a clear photo of your character. 

The profile picture is a small icon, which is unclear to another user. Therefore, it is wise to choose a close-up photo of the character.

Roleplaying as Your Character 

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Roleplaying is quite fun.

Step 1: Following another user who roleplays.

There are large communities of people who also roleplay on Instagram. It may be helpful to you to follow other users who roleplay the same character as you.

Step 2: Post your photos.

It would be wise to post pictures to build a network of followers, as Instagram is focused on images.

Step 3: make memes using your account.

Memes are often used for humor and are currently trending on platforms on the internet.

Step 4: Add fascinating content.

You can attract followers by using hashtags. They are often utilized to reach a more extensive network of internet users.

Step 5: Regram-elated content.

Following other users will allow you to re-upload another user’s posts to your account. Don’t forget to credit the creator.


Is it okay to role-play?

It’s okay. Everybody does it!

Is it OK to roleplay as the opposite gender?

It’s just fine!


Through this guide above, you will better understand how to roleplay on Instagram. If you have any questions, please leave a comment, and we will answer you as soon as possible. Thank you for reading!