How To Meet Singles On Instagram? Expert’s Guide

How To Meet Singles On Instagram? Expert’s Guide

How to meet singles on Instagram? In the detailed article below, I will give you some helpful tips for getting the most out of your start. Check it out now!

If you’re looking for a serious date, Instagram is an excellent suggestion. This social network helps a lot in life, from sharing family moments to doing business or even making friends worldwide.

The tips below are guides on how to meet singles on Instagram. This only helps you judge based on actual account status. For more details, check it out now!

How To Meet Singles On Instagram?

Find By Hashtag

The fastest way to consult the list of singles is by using the attached hashtag. #Single, #Single Life is the most searched term in the top floating keyword.

Many people probably have the same goal as you. Related phrases like this partly help us filter out the audience. Once you’ve hit the hashtag, scroll down the list to search for the account name you’re interested in. 

In addition, you can also click the following post to see all related articles.

Search for GPS location

Using the search feature is also a good idea in the search for love. Here, you can see posts near where you live, and the app can limit the space of locations like cities or counties:

  • Step 1: Log in to your account
  • Step 2: Tap the search icon on the top right
  • Step 3: Here, click your current location or any location you want
  • Step 4: You will see all the articles around the bookmark. It may not be exhaustive because some themes do not mention the location. The digital system only checks based on text-based posts.

Reach people with similar interests

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Reach people with similar interests

There’s nothing better than getting to know someone with similar interests. It is easily recognizable through their posts. In addition, account holders can also search for favorites through specific hashtags.

You can also click follow if you want or combine the two ideas above through the location limit. Who knows, you may meet your desired companion shortly.

For example, if you are passionate about surfing, some phrases might refer to it like #LakeTravisWakeboarding or #WakeboardeofTahoe.

Like her/his post 

People will be impressed by the account avatar. So, preparing a profile is essential if you want someone to notice you.

In your resume is a summary of what you want to aim for. An eye-catching profile will make a strong impression. Don’t worry when you’re not a top photoshopper. Just be confident that you’re a reliable laid-back guy or girl.

An album showing off your body may not interest others; instead, you should share your life with more personal interests.

Next, engage with their posts as much as possible to make them aware of your presence. When you visit the profile page, liking or dropping hearts throughout 5-6 posts can make the other person curious. 

The general invisible will make the girl/boy interested in looking at your profile. Now, this is considered the first success in the conquest.

Do not be too quick, and many people are constantly interacting. It is easy to make the other person obsess or feel uncomfortable. 

Let things happen naturally and follow your style.

Flirty comments

Some suggested comments:

  • Your hair color is so cool.
  • Incredible!
  • You really can do it!
  • This is what I wanted, did you buy it here?
  • Do you also have a hobby like this?
  • Wow, what a coincidence! Me too.

When connecting with them through comments, there will be a slight bond between the two when there is a reciprocal interaction. 

Although the response rate for the first post is not too high, don’t worry. Try again in a few days at the new one.

Direct message

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Direct message

If she knows who you are, texting might be the right idea, too. Don’t worry when things are going because, as of now, you have nothing to lose.

The worst-case scenario is that she ignores and doesn’t respond. The solution might be to add an opening sentence like “hello!” to be more polite. 

The opening sentences should be short to avoid annoying the recipient.

Please describe your place of residence and school to help them understand a little about themselves. More simply, you can ask about her content posts.

Ask them about out-dating

Throughout the research process, you should spend more time with them. Sometimes listening to them confide helps that person warm their heart.

One of the hallmarks of success is short message response times. The next step is to ask for an appointment for an outing; if you’ve done the above steps well, this shouldn’t be too difficult.

Do not be afraid not to receive consent, and haste will lead to disaster. Give her time to think and don’t put too much pressure on her. Then you will only get what you want.


Flirting with someone is not easy because it always requires sophistication, perseverance, and effort.

Social media is an indirect way to bring us closer together. Be confident in yourself and plenty of single boys and girls around you.

Don’t forget to leave a comment when you flirt with someone on Instagram.