How to Make a Collage on Instagram (Step By Step Guide)

How to Make a Collage on Instagram (Step By Step Guide)

How to make a collage on Instagram? If you’re wondering about this question, you are in the right place. Read this article to get the correct answer!

It is easy to post photos on Instagram. But can you share multiple photos or make a collage? The good news is that some simple solutions allow you to make one collage with your favorite photos before posting them on your story.

Thanks to that, your followers can see all your photos quickly. So let’s find out how to make a collage on Instagram!

How To Make A Collage On Instagram?

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Make a collage on Instagram.

Here are four different ways that allow you to get the job done. Consider and choose the one that best suits you.

Copying Photos to Your Story

Step 1: Create a Background for Your Collage

It is okay to utilize one solid color to get excellent visibility. You can also take a photo of whatever is around you. You can choose anything to make your collage’s background, ensuring it fits your theme.

Step 2: Copy Your Image From Camera Roll

First, open your camera roll and scroll down until you find the photo you want to add to the collage. Puss and hold down this photo, then press the “Copy” button.

Step 3: Return to the Instagram Story

It will work great if you keep the camera roll and your Instagram app open simultaneously. Then, return to the story that you have set up.

Step 4: Press the “Add Sticker” Option

Once you have copied your image and returned it to your Instagram app, You will see a few tabs appear. Click “Add Sticker,” and your photo will move into the Instagram story.

Step 5: You Can Repeat the Process if You Want to Add Other Photos

To create a collage, you will need multiple photos, right? You need to apply the steps above to add more photos! Once you’ve finished, press the “Add Story” option to publicize your story.

Utilizing Layout for Your Stories

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Use Layout for Stories.

Step 1: Open Your Story and Press Layout

Press a camera icon to open the new story. Then tap an item that says the word “Layout.”

Step 2: Pick A Grid Option You Would Like to Utilize

In the screen’s center, it’s possible to scroll right and left to look through the available grid options. Once you have found one that suits you best, press it to apply to your photos.

Step 3: Take Multiple Photos to Fit Your Grid Option

It is time to express your creativity! You can take a few pictures of food,  nature, or some selfies. 

You can either stick to a specific theme. It is okay to be random with this. Moreover, you can also get images from the camera roll by pressing the “+” icon.

Step 4: Add Story to the Feed

Once satisfied with your collage, press the “Add Story” button to add it to your feed. It will be displayed for the next twenty-four hours.

Utilizing Layout App

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Use A Layout App.

Step 1: Get the Layout App

If you have an iOS device, go to the App Store and look for the word “Layout.”

If you have an Android device, open the Google Store and do it the same way. Then, press “Install” or “Get” to download this app.

Step 2: Press the “GET STARTED” Button

Doing it will open this app’s gallery section to start creating a new collage. 

Skimming via a tutorial from the publisher is required, but it will be over soon.

If you have not used this app before, you must allow it to access photos on your device before starting.

Step 3: Press to Choose Your Images

You can pick up to nine photos to add to your collage. Choose a theme, such as food or nature. It is okay to go random with this.

Step 4: Select a Grid Layout

You will find various layout options on the scroll bar. The primary difference between all layouts is the number of images you can use. The good news is that you can change that later.

Step 5: Tap NEXT or SAVE 

Doing this will save this collage to the camera roll. You can then post it to your feed or send it to friends.

FAQs for Make a Collage on Instagram

Can you then print the photo collage?

Yes, you can always print out your handmade collage paper whenever possible.

Where can I see someone’s collage on Instagram?

You can see it in your feed or other users’ stories.

What app should I use to create my collage?

Here are 15 photo collage apps you can use for free: Ribbet, BeFunky Collage Maker, PiZap, Adobe Spark, Fotor Collage Maker, Google Photos, Photovisi, PicsArt Photo, Studio And Collage, PicMonkey, Layout From Instagram, Kizoa Collage Maker, FotoJet, Canva Collage Templates.


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