How To Increase The Font On Instagram With 3 Helpful Methods

How To Increase The Font On Instagram With 3 Helpful Methods

If you are interested in the topic, “How to increase the font on Instagram,” this article is for you. So let’s read to the end of this article to get valuable information.

If you find that the default Instagram system font is too small for you, it’s time to increase it. So, you need to know how to increase the font on Instagram.

Today, we will show you how to increase the font size on this platform using phones and computers. So keep reading to see more!

How to Increase the Font on Instagram?

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Here’s a guide to help you quickly and easily get the job done, regardless of whether you’re using a mobile device or a computer.

Method 1: Using iPhone And Ipad

  1. Let’s start by opening the “Settings” app with a gear icon.
  2. Select the “Display & Brightness” item, which is usually in the third place in the menu and features the “Aa” icon.
  3. Press the “Text Size” option. You will get a preview of the size of the text after you make adjustments.
  4. Change the text size by brag the slider. Dragging this slider to the right will make the text larger and vice versa.
  5. The changes you make in the steps above will be changed in the text everywhere, including on Instagram. So, you need to open your application to see if you have received the text size you need.

Method 2: Using Android Devices

  1. Open the Settings app on your device, which should be somewhere on the screen.
  2. Then, press the “Accessibility” option, which is located near the menu’s bottom or middle.
  3. Tap the “Font Size” item. The menu options may vary depending on your model, so you may have to tap the “Visibility enhancements” option first.
  4. Change the text size by dragging the slider until you get the size you expect. 

You will also get a preview of the results of your change. For example, dragging this slider to the left will reduce the size and vice versa.

  1. Finally, you will need to open your Instagram application to see if you have the results you want.

Method 3: Utilizing Keyboard Shortcuts in a Computer

  1. Start by visiting with whatever your favorite browser on your Windows computer or Mac to utilize shortcuts, increasing Instagram’s font size.
  2. Press the key combination “Ctrl” and “+” (for Windows) or “⌘ Cmd” and “+” (for Mac.” It will allow you to raise the font size in the browser.
  3. If you want to shrink the text, you need to press the key combination “Ctrl” and “-” (for Windows) or “⌘ Cmd+” and “-” (for Mac).


1/ Why Is My Text on Instagram So Small?

It’s small because it’s designed to be viewed comfortably on a tablet or phone screen, making it easier to read on smaller screens.

2/ Why Is My Instagram Zoomed In?

There are several reasons why your Instagram is zoomed in. The common reason is that your phone is set to “zoom,” which magnifies everything on your screen.

You can check this by selecting “Settings,” tapping “Display & Brightness,” and selecting the “Zoom” option. If it’s enabled, you will need to disable it in your application to test again.

3/ What Font Does Instagram Use?

The fonts used on this platform are Proxima Nova and Gotham.

4/ How Do I Change Fonts on This Platform?

You need to start by opening your app before accessing your profile. You then need to tap the three lines in the top left corner of your screen. 

Then, select the “Settings” option. Once you get into the Settings menu, you need to scroll down until you see the “Fonts” option, and you need to tap it. 

Then you can choose what’s right for you.

6/ How Do You Get the Bold Font on Stories?

Start by clicking the “design” option at the top of the page. Then, you see the ‘Text Settings’ tab with a drop-down menu of fonts. Finally, pick the font that suits you best.

The Bottom Line

You’ve reached the bottom of our article. Just follow the instructions above, and you’ll get the job done. Was this guide helpful to you? If so, please share it.

Thank you for reading!