7 Easy Steps On How To Have A Good Instagram

7 Easy Steps On How To Have A Good Instagram

How to have a good Instagram? Stop scratching your head! Please read to the end of this article to get the correct answer and valuable information now!

Getting a lot of followers and likes on social media platforms, including Instagram, is a great thing. However, it is not an easy task for most users.

The good news is that there are several ways to achieve it, although patience and time are still crucial. Here are some tips for how to have a good Instagram.

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How to Have a Good Instagram?

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How to have a good Instagram account?

You can expect to have a good Instagram by following these tips.

1/ Choose Theme for Page

Start by choosing a specific topic for your account, aka choosing a “niche.” It’s wise to decide what theme you want to choose before you start uploading photos to your account.

Here are some popular topics on the platform: cooking, yoga, bars or restaurants, funny photos, pets, and fashion.

2/ Choose a Suitable Username & Profile Pic

You will also need to prepare a good foundation, starting with designing the Instagram page. It includes picking a suitable username and a good profile pic.

This step will depend mainly on the theme you have chosen for your page. Your best bet is to choose something related to your theme.

3/ Adjust Your Photos Before Posting

Unless you are already very famous, it will be difficult to gain many followers just by posting unremarkable photos.

To have an impressive account, you’ll need high-quality photos. Then, you can take advantage of one of the hundreds of apps available, depending on the type of device you have and your needs.

Then take a moment to make your edits, so your photos look the best. You may also want to update your phone to take photos in higher definition.

4/ Keep Your Photos Simple

A good photo should be simple and uncluttered, not vague and blurry. 

5/ Take Various Kinds of Pictures

Any user will not want to see the same image repeatedly. What needs to be creative is to change the topic instead of the same photo.

For example, you do not have to take pictures of the food on the plate after being prepared. You can also take pictures of all the ingredients before you start.

6/ Space Out Your Uploads

You wouldn’t want to overload your feed with tons of content that would annoy many people and miss your content, resulting in waste.

For example, if you take seven nearly identical photos of your cat, pick about 2 of the best of them and post them.

7/ Post at the Right Time

Early morning or early evening is the “golden hours” to post. Many studies show that many users check Instagram from 6 to 8 am or 5 to 8 pm. 

Therefore, if you post in these two periods, you will get more likes.

8/ Follow Current Trends When Posting

We recommend updating everything popular in our Instagram feed. Sticking to current trends is also one way that allows you to get more likes.

9/ Follow Lots of People

Following a lot of people is one way that allows you to get more followers.

The fact that you get a lot of followers when you don’t need to follow anyone seems like a pretty thing. However, this is not possible unless you are a celebrity.  It shouldn’t be an issue, as you can always unfollow them later.

10/ Comment on Lots of People’s Contents.

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You should maintain good interactions with other users.

A good account is an account that keeps good interactions with other users.

For example, you should like photos you come across at random or comment with something positive like, “Beautiful photo,” or “Nice shot!”

11/ Interact With Followers

Interacting with followers is a way to show that you are worth following.

For example, if someone comments positively on your picture, you should like their comment or maybe comment back.

If someone likes your photos, you can go to their photos and leave a comment.

The Bottom Line

So you have at hand the most effective tips to have a good Instagram account. Apply them, and you will be surprised by the results you get!

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