How To Flirt On Instagram? Some Tips For Newbies

How To Flirt On Instagram? Some Tips For Newbies

How to flirt on Instagram? In this article, I will show you some of the most effective tips for being a good one. Click on it for more details right now!

We often look for specialized dating apps to create relationships. Likewise, we can also take advantage of Instagram to connect more. So, how to flirt on Instagram? Here are some tips to help you flirt with your crush subtly.

Detailed Tips One How To Flirt On Instagram

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Some tips to follow

The tips below are a quick way to make an impression on someone. The guide’s goal is to build a liking for the other person, and somehow, Instagram will be the perfect place to flirt.

1/ Fresh selfies

Most people are impressed by the meeting instead of thinking about the status. 

What if the profile page does not update a single activity for a year or longer.

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Fresh selfies

We gradually lose interest when looking for something. Of course, this does not matter much for those who are ready to love and are texting.

Building a photo gallery is essential if you want to attract someone. Attaching a confession song to a quality photo background is a trick you can apply.

If lucky, that person can click and curiously find the mysterious person. Do not hesitate when you feel the amount of article interaction is not as expected, and the real purpose is to post it for that person to see.

2/ React to recent photos

The first step in conquest begins with the exchange. Don’t be quick to express yourself, and psychologists have studied the behavior of interested people.

Assuming that in all ten photos posted, if you constantly express your love or make extreme comments in the article, that person will feel uncomfortable and scared.

Presenting yourself is fine, but the point here is to consider the frequency of appearances to arouse interest. Try to maintain interaction but also do not forget to leave a feeling of nostalgia for them.

3/ Messaging with selfies

A separate photo taken by you will make that person more impressive. It shows how special you are in their eyes. 

The biggest taboo in this flirting trick is commenting on photos, which makes them uncomfortable. Instead, express concerns related to the issue in question. 

If acting as the sender, add comments to open an unfinished story.

4/ Comments to their pic

Commenting or interacting with your post is the fastest way to show your presence. Leave comments to suggest a story, don’t let the interaction come to a standstill. There are two ways to identify a person’s feelings through responses.

First, their answers are superficial and too concise. Feelings can be a bit confusing at the moment because they are most likely not very emotional.

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Comments to their pic

Second, the exchange is the beginning of an acquaintance. For example, you come across your crush’s beach photo on Insta.

Now, you might be asking: “Looks great! Where is this place? Your outfit is so beautiful!” In short, try to express that you are interested in her.

5/ Master at storytelling

Writing a story to express your feelings is also an effective way. It blends images among the myriad of images you create.

A person who notices and cares will read the whole story. Moreover, it is also a part to understand more about the personality of the opposite person. Who knows, maybe you can find a similarity in that story.

6/ Perseverance for reciprocation

Each emoji represents a different state. A smiley face is the best expression to express your love. The raised heart or thumb represents the joy of seeking.

If it is a male-female type of affection, you can also express it through your heart’s eyes. However, don’t repeat the process often.

Be careful with other icons in the Instagram interface system. Images such as eggplant, peach, and sweat are representations of eroticism. You can lose your charm by accidentally using them without understanding them carefully.

7/ Private flirting

To move into a longer relationship, private messaging is a must. It also shows the seriousness of the two of them in the process.

Let’s break the balance through the introduction. Don’t be too restrictive with your code; go natural and show your good sides to find similarities.


The key to establishing success is based on how you apply the tips above. Hopefully, this article provided you with how to flirt on Instagram.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment. We will help you solve it as soon as possible. Thank you for reading!