How to DM a Boy on Instagram

How to DM a Boy on Instagram

How to DM a boy on Instagram? If you are interested in this topic, our article is for you. So you should read to the bottom of this article to get valuable information!

How to DM a boy on Instagram? There is no denying that there are many hot guys on Instagram. Unfortunately, many girls wait for these hot men to text them because they think it’s weird for a woman to text guys first.

But if guys are okay to text girls first, why can’t girls? The core of Instagram is to connect people who usually don’t know each other in real life, right? So it’s time to change your mind.

You shouldn’t waste time waiting for the right person to slip into your DM. Instead, let’s text people you find interesting.

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How to DM a Boy on Instagram?

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A guy on Instagram?

Here are 12 valuable tips to DM a boy on Instagram. Read them carefully and find ways to apply them creatively.

1/ Reply to His Instagram Story

Each story only lasts for one day. Therefore, replying to a guy’s story will let him know you pay attention to him.

At first, it was okay to react with some emoticons when he posted something funny. However, if you want to talk to him, you should end the message with questions to get him to text you back.

2/ Mention the Mutual Interest

Start by scrolling through his feed to find a few things he prefers doing. Then, slide into the DMs to let him know when you find something you enjoy doing.

He will love that he can explore something with you, which might help you keep this conversation going.

3/ Ask This Guy for Some Recommendations

This step involves researching the guy’s Insta bio by scrolling through his posts to get a good idea of his interests.

Once you find something he shares that appeals to you, it’s time to text him for advice. He should enjoy discussing his hobby and is happy to share it with you.

4/ Ask the Open-Ended Question

It’s wise to ask this guy about his hobbies and life to make him more open. With open-ended questions, he won’t be able to answer with a one-word answer. 

You can start your questions with “how,” “why,” or “what.” Avoid mentioning personal questions as they may make your guy uncomfortable and upset.

5/ Share Funny Meme

Knowing your guy’s sense of humor from his Instagram stories and profile posts is alright. Ten, you can search online or on another Instagram meme site to pick up anything you believe will make him laugh and send it in his style.

6/ Tell Him Cheesy Joke

You can make this guy laugh by showing your sense of humor. You can search online for some good one-liners that you believe are funny and use your favorite to break the ice in the DM.

7/ Send Him Pictures or Videos

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Send him images or videos.

Snap selfies or pictures of whatever you’re up to and drop them in his DM. Then, send a question or message with your image so he will have something more to respond to. 

Of course, never send sexual or nude pictures as they can make him dislike you.

8/ Offer This Guy a Flirty Compliment

If you crush on the man you are DMing, you must show him you like to take the relationship between the two to the level.

Say anything that is fun and light without being sexual. For example, throwing in several emojis so that your DMs look flirtier but do not go overboard is okay.

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9/ Ask Him if You Feel Bold

If you are really into him, you should be direct and see if he is interested in getting together in person one day. For example, ask him to meet at the mall or get a coffee. Who knows, it will be the most romantic date of your life.


What Do You Text a Boy First?

Here are some texts for the first time:

  • “Well, I have your number. What’s next?”
  • “This is my favorite meme! What’s yours?”
  • “I need a new TV show to watch! Advice?”
  • “Quick, describe yourself with just three emojis!”
  • “I saw you have a dog on your profile. Pics, please!”
  • “So, we both love comedy. Do you watch Saturday Night Live?!”
  • “What is the best part of your day?”
  • “Hey, you are into soccer? We should watch a game together!”

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The Bottom Line

Now, you should know how to DM a boy on Instagram. Hopefully, you will soon win the hearts of the guy you like. Thank you and see you in our next update!