How to Delete Followers on Instagram

How to Delete Followers on Instagram

How to delete followers on Instagram? You can read to the end of this article to clear your query with the valuable information here. Let’s read on to see more!

When posting content on social media platforms, you should think twice before allowing anyone else to see all of your content, including Instagram.

You may want to avoid spam accounts that can damage your reputation. Also, it’s wise to eliminate risk, and it should be a priority over the number of users.

Anyway, whenever you want to remove users on Instagram, this article will be helpful to you. So keep reading to know how to delete followers on Instagram.

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How to Delete Followers on Instagram?

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You can delete users on Instagram quickly.

This guide covers two methods that allow you to get the job done, including blocking followers and making your account private.

Blocking Followers

Step 1: Open your Instagram app on your smartphone. If you use a computer, you will need to access the website.

Step 2: Go to a profile page. You will need to click and press a person icon. It will be in your screen’s bottom right corner if you’re on the phone. 

If you use a computer, this icon will be in your screen’s top right corner.

Step 3: Click or tap the “Followers” item. You’ll find it on the right of the profile image.

Step 4: Review your followers’ list. The fact is that you cannot force one follower to unfollow you. But you can block them, allowing you to prevent them from following or viewing any of your accounts.

Step 5: Tap and click one follower you need to delete. You will then visit their profile, allowing you to block them instantly.

Step 6: You need to click on the 3-line icon, which is located in your screen’s top right corner. For Android devices, this option is vertical instead of horizontal.

Step 7: Tap and click the “Block User” item. On your Instagram website, this option should say “Block this user.” Then, the system will prompt you for confirmation.

Step 8: Tap or click the “Yes, I’m sure” option. It will block the users you target. Then they will not be able to view any of your posts!

But they still to see any of your comments on other users’ photos. Also, they can search for your account. Yet, they will not access your account.

You can check the list of blocked followers by visiting the settings menu before choosing the “Blocked Users” option.

Step 9: You can repeat from the beginning to block any user you want.

Make The Account Private

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Making the account private can also be helpful.
  • Step 1: Open your app on your phone. This process cannot be performed on a computer.
  • Step 2: Open your profile by tapping the person icon. You can find it in the bottom right corner of your screen. The same goes for tablets.
  • Step 3: Open the settings menu of your account. You can do it by pressing a gear icon (đối với iOS) or a “three dots” icon (for Android).
  • Step 4: Swipe a switch next to the “Private Account” option to the “On” position. It will change from gray to blue. That’s a sign that your account is private now!


Does This App Remove Fake Followers?

It does recognize and delete fake followers.

How Many Times Can I Follow and Unfollow on Instagram?

Instagram does not want any spambots mass unfollowing and following, so follow limits are imposed. You can only follow 7500 accounts, and each hour you can only perform 60 actions (unfollow and follow)

Why Can’t I Unfollow People on Instagram?

Instagram allows any user to restrict profiles they cannot block or unfollow. 

For example, restricting a profile will allow any user to block comments or DMs from another user. 

How Many People Can I Unfollow

Commonly, you can unfollow a maximum of 200 users in one day if you have a relatively older account.

The Bottom Line

So you’ve reached the bottom of our article. Hopefully, the solutions that we mentioned above will be useful to you. So please share it if it is helpful to you.

Thank you for reading!