How To Become An Instagram Influencer?

How To Become An Instagram Influencer?

How to become an Instagram influencer? If you want to make money on Instagram by becoming an influencer, you’ll want to read this article. Let’s read on!

As an Instagram influencer, you can expect a vast income source without spending hours working at the office. Instead, you’ll work from home and collaborate with your favorite brands.

It sounds like a dream of many people, right? But it is not really easy. If you decide to go all out to be an influencer, we’re here to help.

Here’s a guide on how to become an Instagram influencer. 

Let’s find out right now!

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How to Become an Instagram Influencer?

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1/ Develop Your Niche

Step 1: Identify Your Passion

In most cases, Instagram influencers don’t just post products immediately to get followers and likes. Instead, they do it to share helpful stories and their views. 

Therefore, you must determine why you want to reach a vast following. Just think about your passion. It could be photography or cooking.

Step 2: Check Out the Top Accounts

It’s worth checking out how the larger Instagram accounts are doing. You can search for accounts you know or love to find out how often they post, what type of posts they post, and how they use hashtags.

Step 3: Find a Niche

You can think of unique things that you can do that few people can do. As a result, you will become more prominent, or even become famous quickly.

It could be about using leftovers to make new recipes.

Step 4: Upload Your Profile Picture

As you are trying to start a brand, logos will most likely turn followers off. 

So, you should pick a profile pic that shows your face and personality. It also allows your followers to know that you are a real person.

Step 5: Follow A Theme

It’s pretty much like finding your niche. When users follow you, they’re probably expecting posts similar to yours. So, you should pick a theme and stick to it.

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2/ Telling Your Story

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Step 6: Post Authentic and Genuine Content

When a user decides to follow you, they fall in love with you for who you are. So, you should use your account to make an original, creative, and honest story.

Step 7: Take High-Quality Photos

Instagram is, at its core, a photo-sharing app. So the quality of your photos is essential. We recommend using a quality camera or a model smartphone to take clear, sharp photos.

Step 8: Post Only the Best Pictures.

Quality over quantity, right? You can take thousands of photos to pick the best few to post on your Instagram account. Your followers want to see the best!

Step 9: Take Advantage of a Separate Photo Editing App

You can use Instagram editing tools. Yet, they are very basic and have many limitations. That’s why we recommend making your photos unique with a third-party app.

Step 10: Don’t Abuse Photoshop and Filters

It’s essential to use apps to make your photos perfect, but overdoing them is unwise.

Step 11: Add Clever Caption

Once you have the perfect photo, it’s time to choose a catchy caption for your post to attract your audience. Do not be afraid to get a little personal.

Step 12: Take advantage of Instagram Stories

You can use this feature to share anything that does not fit with the rest of your post.

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3/ Developing Community

Step 13: Utilize Relevant Hashtags.

This step requires you to pay attention to what is trending and use hashtags on all posts.

Step 14: Link Your Account to Your  Facebook Account.

Thanks to that, you can take advantage of the number of friends willing to follow you.

Step 15: Share Instagram Photos To  Other Social Media 

You can facilitate your followers on other platforms to follow your Instagram.

Step 16: Consider Geotagging the Location When Posting 

It is one of the great ways to attract new followers.

4/ Keep Followers Engaged

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Keep followers engaged.

Step 17: Update Consistently

Your followers will want to see your posts regularly. Therefore, update your feed continuously with exciting posts.

Step 18: Begin Conversations With Followers

Every time you post, you can ask a question to pique the curiosity of your followers. The more users answer your question, the more popular your post is.

Step 19: Reply to Users Who Comment on Your Post

It will show everyone that you are friendly and willing to interact with your audience.

Step 20: Organize a Contest

If you have some creative ideas, grow your community by holding a prize contest in exchange for followers and likes.

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5/ Work with Brands

Step 21: Start With Smaller Brands

Small brands will probably thank you for your promotion, even though they may not pay you much. Generally, this is a good starting point for new influencers.

Step 21:  Negotiate With Bigger Brands

Once you have more followers and more popularity, it’s time to work with bigger companies to promote their products and get higher commissions.

Step 22: Keep Your Posts Honest

When advertising, your audience’s trust in you is essential. Keep your followers from losing trust in you by posting honestly about what you’re promoting.


You have known the basic steps to be more influential than Instagram. It is a complex and time-consuming path. So don’t expect to become an influencer overnight! Thank you for reading!