How to Be Authentic on Instagram? 5 New Tips

How to Be Authentic on Instagram? 5 New Tips

How to be authentic on Instagram? If you are interested in this topic, you have come to the right place. Let’s read this article to get valuable information.

There’s no denying that showing who you are on social media, such as Instagram, would make your experiences much more meaningful.

Instagram is a social platform, so many people want to show the good sides of their daily life is the desire of the majority of users of this platform.

However, if that is all your content, your profile could be “Not Authentic.” In this post, we will share tips on “How to be authentic on Instagram.”

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How to Be Authentic on Instagram?

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Tips to be authentic on Instagram.

Here are some helpful tips that will allow you to be authentic on Instagram.

Make & Share the Original Contents

Original content created by you will reflect authenticity in the best way. Therefore, it is okay to occasionally share content made by other users (do not forget to credit the creator). 

If you need to show your personality, you should create your content and ensure it reflects who you are.

It is essential to cultivate a unique style via audience engagement and aesthetics. 

For instance, if you are a foodie, it is alright to post pictures of how you make a dish, including the preparation of ingredients.

Utilize Hashtags (#) To Attract Any Like-Minded User

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Authentic Instagram accounts

The hashtag will help you to connect easily and quickly with your ideal follower. In addition, it will connect you with users who have the same interests as you.

Shared passions and interests can create powerful connections that are authentic and communal.

Interact With Followers Honestly

In that way, you will have the opportunity to show your followers that you are “a person” instead of “a product.” 

The interaction will take effort and time. You can follow others, “liking,” and comment on their posts.

You should also reply to thoughtful comments or DMs on your photos.

Limit Abuse of Heavy Filters and Photoshop

It would be best to remember that perfection is not relatable.

Everyone wants to be beautiful and perfect on social networks. But you should not make your profile like one performance. Perfection just is not honest or real.

It is unnecessary to avoid using Photoshop or cool filters entirely. But you should avoid utilizing them in all of your posts.

Post Photos That Do Not Feel Hyper-Curated.

Post only the best moments will paint one fake portrait. Wanting to show your best side on Instagram is understandable and no problem. 

But if all of your posts are pictures of you eating out at luxury places or meeting famous people, you’re trying to “paint” your life rather than show it realistically.

You don’t have to show the ugliest pictures of your friend’s daily life or publicize a moment of your life. However, you must avoid considering your profile as the highlight reel about your life.

Sometimes, posting not-perfect photos balances curation and honesty.

Post Your Content Manually Instead of Utilizing Automated Tools

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Try to post your content manually instead of using automated tools.

Going completely automated will typically feel aloof, robotic, and callous.

There is no denying that automation tools will help you meet all your marketing goals and accomplish more everyday tasks. However, you should avoid overusing them as they can break the connection between you and your followers.

You don’t necessarily have to avoid these helpful tools. However, ideally, show it manually at least once per day.

Spending many hours on Instagram every day may not be possible for you. But it would be best to try to like, comment, or reply to users a few times daily.

Maintain Consistent Style When Your Brand Rises

Remember that super-slick videos and photos can create a feel like blatant ads.

It’s normal to take advantage of more professional equipment when your brand is growing. However, overusing them is unwise.

When it comes to being a celebrity or influencer, it’s okay to showcase glossy photos to your followers. Yet, going far can alienate your followers.

For instance, upgrading your device to a more professional camera is alright. However, investing in more advanced things like drones is not necessary.

Break up the Sponsored Content With Normal Posts

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Instagram authenticity check

Constantly posting sponsored content can be annoying. Continuous marketing will make your followers feel like you are trying to get money from them. 

Therefore, if you only focus on sponsored content, your followers will probably hit the “unfollow” button someday.

Wrapping It Up

You have read to the end of our article. Hopefully, through this article, you will develop your brand effectively and get more attention. 

Be yourself because your followers love it!