How To Advertise On Instagram? Useful Tips To Follow

How To Advertise On Instagram? Useful Tips To Follow

How to advertise on Instagram? We will list each step in detail in this article. Don’t hesitate to dig into it and follow for the best results.

Instagram is an easy social networking platform to help businesses or individuals build brand images. Studies also show that 27% of users can find new products through social media ads, equating to more than 1 billion Instagram users.

If your business’s customer base is young, then this platform is the place for you to join. So, how to advertise on Instagram?

This article provides a guide, so you can effectively create ads on the platform.

Instagram Advertising Overview 

Online advertising is a form of reaching target customers through content paid by businesses to be distributed to users. Instagram advertisements are posts that companies sponsor or pay for to communicate about them.

Ads on this platform are similar to those on Facebook. They also appear on a user’s newsfeed, reel, story, explore, and more.

You can almost easily spot this content through the “sponsored” label. In addition, it also comes with some other features like Call to Action button, product catalog, or website links.

How To Advertise On Instagram?

Now let’s learn about how businesses advertise on Instagram!

A post-in-app

  • The first and most straightforward way to advertise is to promote a post-in-app. It should be a post with good engagement that makes it easier to advertise at scale.
  • You must create a business or creator account on Instagram. Your Facebook Business Page must be connected to your Insta account.
  • Go ahead, click Promote on the post you want to convert. Afterward, you can choose your ad’s target audience, budget, duration, and destination. 
  • The last thing you need to do is select “Create ad.”
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Facebook Ads Manager

Select objective

Try to define a goal to compare with the results generated and the degree of completion of the work. You need to go to Ads Manager and click + Create. 

Choose a campaign objective through a list of the things the platform suggests.

  • Brand Awareness: Reaching the masses that are uninformed about your business and products.
  • Reach: Reach as many people as possible in the target audience.
  • Traffic: Drive users to websites, apps, and URLs.
  • Video Views: Get more video views.
  • Lead Generation: Collect personal information.
  • Messages: Users can send messages to brand accounts.

You then need to set up a name for your campaign and enable Campaign Budget Optimization to determine how much you need to spend to run your ads.


It would help to choose how much your business wants to spend and how long the campaign will run.

For budgets, you can choose daily or long-term funding for the entire campaign and have a specific end time. 

In addition, you can also choose to run ads continuously or precisely in the Ad Scheduling section.

The interface then shows the Audience Definition and Daily Estimate modules that suggest you reach for that budget. It would help if you chose the ad in the middle of the green band.

Target audience

You should choose either to create a new audience or a saved audience. They let you select your custom audience based on demographics and behaviors.

The platform allows you to create ‘Dynamic Ads’ to upload business-optimized titles and visual assets.

Choose the placements

Where the ad will appear can be two locations:

  • Auto Placement: Ads show wherever the target audience is most active
  • Manual Placement: You will manually choose where specifically for your ad to appear, as shown only on Instagram.

Create the ads

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Create it

You choose Pages and Ads format at this step. You need to fill out the rest of the items in the interface, such as choosing a photo or video, entering a copy, choosing a payment option, reviewing the ad, and selecting ‘confirm’.

Alternatively, you can also select a call-to-action button and add a URL. Facebook Pixel allows you to track conversions from your ads. It will detail how the audience interacts after clicking on the ad.

How Much Does It Cost?

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How much does it cost?

Marketers and advertisers will be interested in content creation and budget balance. So, the social platforms also need to allocate this amount appropriately. 

There is not a specific number for the cost of Instagram advertising. You can consider the resources of the business as well as other factors such as:

  • What is the goal when you use advertising?
  • How are your competitors taking advantage of this platform?
  • When is the time to set up and run ads? 
  • Where do you place your Ads?

You can fully plan for this promotion through Ads Manager and dig deeper into the Audience Definition or Estimated Daily Results modules. 

They will provide information on whether your ad settings are sufficient to reach the target audience.

Types of Instagram Ads

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Some common types

Instagram is a social network that provides many features for users, thanks to which businesses can exploit to advertise through:

Image Ads

Businesses use a single image to convey content for their campaign.

Stories Ads

In the stories section, Instagram allows businesses to create full-screen content that appears between users’ stories. It is an excellent feature as more than 500 million users daily use it to post their pictures, sounds, joys, and interests. 

Video Ads

Video helps businesses deliver content for more extended periods, up to 60 minutes. Yet, the best advice for you is to use short videos to reach the public.

Carousel Ads

This ad includes multiple images and videos, up to 10, that appear in the user’s feed. Businesses can use them to showcase product collections and tell stories.

Collection Ads

The collection is the bridge between the carousel and shopping ads. They’ll also feature products from your catalog, especially for e-commerce businesses, redirecting users to an Instant Experience Store.


IGTV advertisements come in videos up to 15 seconds long with a full-screen vertical design.


We have provided you with the complete guide on how to advertise on Instagram through some basic steps. The implementation is not too difficult. 

However, to achieve high efficiency, you need to make a detailed plan and a budget to optimize campaign costs.

If you have any questions, contact us for a reply as soon as possible. 

Thanks for reading!