How do you post on Instagram step by step?

How do you post on Instagram step by step?

How do you post on Instagram step by step? This question is common among those who have just started using this application. Let’s explore right now!

The popularity of Instagram among young people is a matter of fact. Every month, more than 1.4 million active users use this platform.

In addition, many suppliers and sellers have also started converting here to find new customers and build brand loyalty.

It will not be surprising that you want to use this application with the above advantages.

One of the most basic actions of Instagram is posting pictures. For those who don’t understand it well, this article can help you.

How Do You Post On Instagram Step By Step?

Posting a photo or video on Instagram is a fairly simple process. It will only take you a few minutes to complete the job.

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Instagram reels

1/ Tap The [+] Icon

When you look in the upper right corner of the screen, you will see a [+] symbol. It’s the “create a post” icon.

It will take you to the platform’s post builder. Here, you can choose the mode you want to publish, like reels, posts, stories, or Live.

2/ Choose Your Favorite Photos

When the posting window appears, you’ll see many video and photos on your phone in chronological order. Then, scroll through and select the image you want to publish.

Another method of loading photos is to click on the camera icon to take and record a video with the app itself.

3/ Post Multiple Images

What if you have too many pictures to share? Use the carousel feature.

This feature has an icon of stacked squares. You can then select all the images you want to publish.

However, this platform only allows users to publish up to 10 photos in each posting. Watch the numbers appear on the screen in a carousel.

Once done, you can move on to the next step. Look for the arrow in the screen’s upper-right corner and tap it.

4/ Crop The Image

Instagram doesn’t just limit your posts to squares. The platform allows you to upload both portrait and landscape photos.

You can adjust the image on the screen by dragging it in. The image will appear fully with a specific ratio.

However, you may have to crop the image a bit with scale limitations to get the right size.

5/ Pick A Filter

Once you’ve selected your images, it’s time to edit them and add effects accordingly. Instagram has several built-in filters to use.

They can meet your basic editing needs, from the black and white hues of Willow and Moon to the deep saturation and pops of color like Lark and Clarendon.

However, these filters are not complex. If you would like to increase the aesthetics and personality of your feed, edit your photos before posting.

Instagram video downloader

6/ Edit Your Photo

You may also click “Edit” at the bottom right. It allows you to adjust the image to your specifications.

The platform integrates many editing options that you will likely use. These include:

  • Adjust
  • Contrast
  • Brightness
  • Warmth
  • Structure
  • Color
  • Saturation
  • Fade
  • Highlights
  • Shadows
  • Vignette
  • Sharpen
  • Tilt Shift

7/ Type Your Caption

Accompanying captions can showcase your personality and creativity. Text creates content for your feed and helps optimize your posts on Instagram.

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The woman is viewing someone’s photo on a mobile phone

Depending on the purpose for which you want to build your brand, create an appropriate caption. They can be informative, funny, or narrative.

Users often pay attention to interesting annotations. As a result, they will interact more strongly when they see your post in the feed.

8/ Use Hashtags

Instagram’s search feature allows users to use hashtags to find related posts. Therefore, you should include relevant keywords in the image caption.

It will make it easier for people to find you. If your post is engaging enough, people will engage and follow.

9/ Tag Your Friends

If your image has other people’s appearances, you can tag them in your post. As a result, they will receive notifications to view and interact.

Below the caption area, there will be a “tag people” button. Click it and start recording the usernames you want to add.

10/ Add Your Location

If you’re at an event or traveling to a place, you’ll want to add them to your status. However, not everyone wants to write the location in the comments area.

Use the “Add Location” button instead. After tapping, the platform will suggest a listing for you.

Enter the places you want to add and click them when they appear in the list. It makes it easier for other users to find your location.

11/ Play With Emojis

Colorful emoticons and emoticons will play a very good role in drawing attention to your post. So don’t hesitate to add a little if you can.

However, you should also limit the number of emojis used in a publication. Too many icons backfire and distract the viewer from the actual content.

The maximum number of emojis in each post should be limited to five. This number is just enough to bring the viewer’s maximum attention.

12/ Share The Post On Social

Before you upload the image, you’ll see bars associated with your social media accounts. If you would like to share your Instagram posts on other platforms, drag the bar from left to right.

Some of the options available are Facebook and Twitter. Once ready, you need to press “Post.” The platform will automatically share to selected social media.

13/ Edit The Post

No matter how carefully you check, you can still get some unwanted typos in your publication. Instead of panicking in this situation, correct them.

Click on the three dots to the right of your username. Then, select “Edit.”

Feel free to make adjustments now and save them when you’re satisfied. The corrected publication will appear on the feed.

How Do I Start An Instagram Account?


If you are still wondering how to publish on Instagram, let’s find out in the section below.

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A woman holds iPhone with the Instagram application

Can You Post On Instagram From The Desktop App?

Yes, you can. The platform has recently added the ability to publish images from a computer browser. The way to do it is very simple.

First, visit the website on your laptop or desktop. Then find the + icon and tap it.

You will see a popup with the upload option. Here, drag or drop your video/photo onto the screen.

The remaining steps are the same as the instructions above. You can refer to this video.

What Is The Best Way To Post On Instagram?

It’s best to publish images and videos from mobile devices. They will support full features and access rights.

How Do You Post A Hashtag?

You can add hashtags at the bottom of posts or comments below posts. The maximum number of hashtags you can write is 30.


How do you post on Instagram step by step? You can already find the correct answer through the article above.

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand the step-by-step process in detail. It is very simple, and you can master it after just a few uses.

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